Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Personal Review

There are certain things I was looking for in a company when evaluating network marketing opportunities. As I mention above, I have been with Shaklee for over 2 years now. I obviously like what I see and honestly cannot picture myself with another company. There are a few big reasons for that, and I will share them with you now.

§  Integrity – Yes, integrity. Shaklee treats people the right way. Whether you are a distributor or a product only customer, Shaklee operates with the utmost integrity and always strives for customer satisfaction. I think I can explain this in short. Just head over to the Better Business Bureau website and check out their rating there. You cannot do any better than that, and you will notice that Shaklee really strives for customer satisfaction at all times.

§  Green – Shaklee was green when it was just a color! Now everyone is jumping on the green movement, which is a good thing, but Shaklee pioneered it, and to this day continues to lead that movement. In fact, Shaklee is the only company in the world that is Climate Neutral Certified. This means Shaklee has a net zero impact on the environment! That is something I can get behind!! It is important for me to feel like I have done my part to help make our planet healthier, and it is a story I love to share.

§  Quality – If you ask 10 different people who represent 10 different network marketing companies who has the best products, you will get 10 different answers. I am not here to bash any other company, in fact, I know there are other companies that have great products. Shaklee happens to be one of those network marketing companies that offers truly great products. Couple that with the factors mentioned above and below this, and I can REALLY get behind this!

§  Stability – Shaklee has nearly 60 years of proven success. Shaklee is going nowhere! The best thing is, we are growing. Shaklee has proven stability, with the feel and excitement of a start-up. I know, how can that be? A few reasons for that are the emergences of Roger Barnett as one of the truly amazing leaders in the business world, and the other is global expansion, which I will talk about below.

§  Global Expansion – I would not feel like I was doing a good job with a Shaklee review if I did not mention global expansion! Shaklee has recently expanded their reach to countries like China and Indonesia. India is up next, and that market alone is expected to reach over $500 million within a few short years. Becoming a Shaklee Gold Ambassador gives you the opportunity to build an international business, which to me is truly exciting. This global expansion gives us the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time, over and over.

§  Compensation – Shaklee revamped their comp plan shortly after Roger Barnett took over. It continues to evolve and remains one of the best comp plans in the network marketing industry. You can earn a great career income with Shaklee, as well as some great cash bonuses, car bonuses, dream trips and much, much more.